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Brushford Origins
Situated on the Southern Edge of Exmoor National Park, Brushford is an ancient Somerset Parish. Named as Brigeford in the Domesday Book survey of 1086 (see below), the village boasts a 13th Century Church,said to have been visited by Elizabeth I. Indeed, the old oak tree in the churchyard is one of the oldest oaks on Exmoor and was referred to as “the old oak” in Elizabethan times!

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Brushford Past

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Brushford enjoyed the contact of the Barnstaple to Taunton and Tiverton Railway, which resulted in Lord Carnarvon building the Carnarvon Arms in the mid 19th Century. There was a thriving saw mill on the other side of the river in Exebridge and a stone quarry behind Hulverton Hill. Sadly, all have now gone.

Brushford Today
Today, Brushford is still a small community of 535 parishioners. The Parish is made up of Brushford, that part of Exebridge on the Somerset side of the River Exe to the South and the hamlet of Nightcott to the West. (See Parish Statistics Page)

We have a thriving and active community and the village is justifiably proud of its recreational facilities including a purpose built games court which accommodates tennis, hockey, basketball and netball to name but a few of the sports available.

The Parish Hall is a thriving hub of activity, with widely differing groups enjoying the amenities, from Line Dancing to Tae Kwan Do, from the Luncheon Club to Short Mat Bowling. Indeed, there is not an evening goes by, winter or summer, when the Hall is not in use. Please see the Hall’s own page for full details of events.

Brushford Parish Hall

Brushford from Allers Hill

View of the Riverside Fields